5 myths about CRM systems

Many customers who have implemented CRM, regret after they invested in the new system. CRM system has ceased to be a CRM in the classical…
October 15, 2018

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Cloud technologies trends in 2018

Cloud technologies trends in 2018

All signs indicate that cloud technologies are developing incredibly fast. But what trends do we expect to see in 2018? Cloud providers have made announcements…
you should start using google advertising in 2019
Digital Marketing

You should start using Google Advertising in 2019

Google AdWords is the largest pay-per-click network in the market. It is used not only by huge corporations but even by a variety of local…

Here’s How Digitization is the Key to CRM

Getting a new customer in Malaysia is a lot more expensive than retaining the attention of a current customer. That’s why using customer relationship tools…
Digital Marketing

Google Ads Guide 101 : Things you need to know

Regardless of the business industries and the company models, Internet Marketing has become a popular strategy that most companies are practising right now. Indeed, the…