5 myths about CRM systems

Many customers who have implemented CRM, regret after they invested in the new system. CRM system has ceased to be a CRM in the classical…
October 15, 2018

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How to manage negative social media comments

How to manage negative social media comments

Dissatisfied, offended customers will always be, since each of us is unique and it is difficult to please everyone, so negative feedback will be pursued…
16 Reasons To Use Google Advertising To Help Businesses
Digital Marketing

16 reasons to use Google advertising to help businesses

Any business owner who wants to start attracting customers from the Internet has the same problem - how to do it quickly, efficiently and on…
Does Google AdWords Help Businesses?
Digital Marketing

Does Google AdWords help businesses?

Google AdWords, recently renamed into Google Ads, is great service helping to promote your business. In many points, it is even better than SEO. With…
cloud computing help business banner

How Cloud Computing could Help Businesses

Nowadays, the cloud technologies are constantly growing. It's a global trend. Cloud technologies attract the attention of both private entrepreneurs and large corporations. What is…