Any business owner who wants to start attracting customers from the Internet has the same problem – how to do it quickly, efficiently and on an ongoing basis. There are several options to help your business. The advertising platform from Google – Google Ads – is the most popular tool to run the advertising campaign. Here are 16 reasons how it can help your business.

Benefits of using Google Ads for your business

  1. Google search engine is the most popular among Internet users.
  2. The Google advertising platform offers a convenient interface for customers, that is, you can set up a simple advertising campaign by reading a little manual.
  3. Ads are shown only to those who are looking for your product or service, and not to everyone.
  4. Ability to select by what words your ad will be shown to the target audience. That is, you can see the statistics of queries by keywords, the recommended bid at the level of the keyword, and competition. From all this, select only the most necessary ones for advertising.
  5. To attract customers, the ad has the most visible structure. It consists of two headers of 30 characters each, description lines consisting of 80 characters displayed by the url and highlighted with the “Advertising” label. When adding extensions, the purpose of which is to give the client more information about the product or service, your ad will look noticeable and consist not of three lines, but from 4 to 7-8 (all is applied individually).
  6. Set up an advertising campaign for a specific city, country or location within a radius of your campaign.
  7. By controlling bids at the keyword level, it is possible to achieve the TOP-3 position on Google search results page, which makes your ad visible.
  8. Payment is charged only for clicking on your ad, that is if the client is interested, he clicks, if not, the money is on your balance.
  9. The ability to integrate the site with Google analytics systems, which makes it possible to track the effectiveness of advertising for each request, city, device.
  10. Statistics in real time, which is available around the clock. You can monitor the effectiveness of advertising constantly, at any moment.
  11. A quick posting of ads – it will take you only a few minutes to wait once it is ready.
  12. Ability to add images to the advertisement.
  13. Setting up the geography. This is important for most goods and services because they are distributed in specific territories. So you can take into account countries or cities in advance.
  14. Ability to use several keywords in one text.
  15. Transition cost settings with affordable minimum limits.
  16. If necessary, the text can be changed at any time. Such mobility remarkably improves advertising

As you can see, the Google Ads platform has many pros and competitive advantages. Using all its tools, you will be able to set up an advertising campaign for your website with the highest quality and accuracy.

When properly configured, Google Ads is a great tool that can attract potential customers in the shortest possible time, up to 3 days.