Many companies face the fact that managers do not integrate data into the CRM system in time or do not do it at all. However, the system was created to increase sales and optimize marketing by storing information about customers.

Why CRM frightens some users

Often sales managers are slow to fix somewhere the information about the conversation with the client. They explain this by not wanting to waste time on unnecessary work. But the company’s management should understand that if CRM is not used or used incorrectly, then the smart system becomes a useless program.
If not to integrate the information into the system does not enter information on time, it will be impossible to analyze the effectiveness of your specialists. Therefore, you will not be able to talk about increasing sales. You must be wiser.
Show your managers that it’s not too scary to work in the system. Moreover, it is very useful.

Close acquaintance

Most likely the problem is that your employees do not know the system well. They did not learn how to interact with it correctly.
You can ask the manager indefinitely to fill in all the items. However, he will not do it, because he does not understand when and what it is necessary to make. Teaching how to work with the system is necessary for all company newcomers, even if they have a large and successful experience in sales. Bring to each of your employees the information that a close acquaintance with CRM is an important and obligatory process of work.
Create educational materials. Let them be simple and understandable. After all, your seller should understand when it’s time to get the customer to the next stage.

Everything in order

The process of successive actions in the CRM system must be a mandatory requirement. In this case, it should concern all managers without exception.
When using CRM, the stages of the sales funnel are very important. They should not just be present, but be correct. We’ll show you how to write the stages better. Try this:

  • Introduction
  • Training
  • Statement
  • Justification of needs
  • Purchase!

It is important to understand one thing: the stages should reflect the client’s, not the manager’s actions. Soon you will notice that there will be much more benefits from this approach.

Now the situation at your company will change for the better. You have learned the reasons and fears of your managers, why they are so slow to use the CRM system. You know what you need to change and how to set up a sales process.