All signs indicate that cloud technologies are developing incredibly fast. But what trends do we expect to see in 2018? Cloud providers have made announcements of future changes that will or have already been involved. Plus, businesses have notified everyone of what they plan to implement.

A clear path to the cloud

The decentralized IT environment and increased automation have already become more acceptable. But the companies in 2018 will no longer have to worry about the negative consequences lower security, increased disruptions or duplicated costs. The software is created or updated to cope with these changes, and also to protect against user errors.
However, today companies are more aware of the potential savings and other benefits that cloud computing can provide. 2018 will certainly bring a more cloudy approach and more and more companies will prefer using the cloud technologies. This approach is focused mainly on software as a service. At the same time, SaaS costs take about 56 percent of all cloud expenses in 2018. That is about 70 billion dollars.
Increased awareness of the cloud computing benefits, as well as support by cloud computing companies,  will help those who in 2018 has a clear path to the cloud.

Be ready for the era of the Internet of things

Almost all Internet devices connect to the cloud to work, communicate and store information. These include cars, watches and even appliances. Devices and the cloud have mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationships.
The main goal is to make everything much easier for people, from speaking in another language to the search for necessary information. The Gartner research consulting company believes that IoT devices will earn at least 20 billion by 2020. It means that the cloud will develop parallely with them.

More cloud services

Software as a service (SaaS) facilitates helps the business to move to the cloud. We are already seeing more solutions for both the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and the platform as a service (PaaS). It is available in both the private and public sectors, which means cloud computing trends will increase in 2018. As a result, the number of offered services increases.

Increase in hybrid cloud solutions

Besides, cloud computing trends in 2018 show that the popularity of hybrid cloud solutions is increasing significantly. However, they still want to take advantage of many cloud services, even if they do not want to completely move everything to the cloud. For these reasons, cloud computing trends point to many more affordable hybrid cloud solutions in 2018.

Increase capacity

The volume of the enterprise data storage grows every day, which means that more space will be used to work with cloud services. Some companies are already building the new data centers to meet the cloud technologies requirements.
It is obvious that cloud technologies are becoming an integral part of our life. And 2018 will become the new step in their development.