Google AdWords, recently renamed into Google Ads, is great service helping to promote your business. In many points, it is even better than SEO. With AdWords, your target audience is the customers ready to pay for the product. They already know what they need, so, you do not need any efforts to persuade them.

Google AdWords will help to be much better prepared for cooperation with your customers and let them make a purchase. With the right promotion strategy and little investment, your business will rapidly grow and attract a lot of customers. Isn’t that what you actually need?

How Google AdWords helps your business

More effective than search engine optimization
Google AdWords and SEO are both good tools to promote your business online. However, the advertisement platform from Google provides faster results. How so?

  • It focuses on multiple keywords.
  • You can easily start and stop the campaign.
  • The ads are located at the top of the page and are much more visible.

All that attracts more traffic to your website. Moreover, its transparent settings allow to track your paid campaign and see what’s going on.

Brand awareness increase

Besides higher conversion and increased sales, Google AdWords is a very effective tool to inform the visitors about your brand. At the same time, the position on the search results page will also get higher.

Integration with Gmail ads

In 2015 Google combined the ads in Gmail with AdWords. So, it became even more effective as you are able to reach a much wider audience. Email marketing is getting more and more popular today.

Reconnect with your visitors

The ability to reconnect with your visitors is one of the greatest features and benefits of Google AdWords platform. What does it mean for your company? Let’s suppose there is a group of visitors you had some time ago. With Google AdWords, you can easily run the marketing campaign for this group of visitors. If for any reasons they could not visit your website again, you will help them to make the right decision.

Track the campaign efficiency

Can you track the marketing performance using the traditional methods? Theoretically, you can do that but it is not that easy. How does Google AdWords change the situation? It has built-in powerful tools to control every step. For example, you can check the profile visitors, the amount of generated leads or the traffic received from different websites. Of course, the list is not complete.

Integration with Google analytics

Do you want to know more about your visitors? Integrate your Google AdWords account with Google analytics. It will help to get the detailed reports. For example, you will be able to know what people do when they click your ads. If something goes wrong, you will be able to apply the necessary changes in time.

These are just a few benefits of Google AdWords for your business. So, do not ignore its benefits and let your business grow.