Regardless of the business industries and the company models, Internet Marketing has become a popular strategy that most companies are practising right now. Indeed, the business growth brought by online marketing is getting more attention than it does way before. Now, if you’re a business owner or a marketer who is planning on placing ads on Google —— here are 5 things you need to know about the Google Ads.

#1: Google Ads should be direct and intent-based

Think about it. People often Google with a question or a problem in their mind and is trying to seek answer or solution to it. It could be “the best hotels in KL” or “where to buy cheap gadgets”, people type based on what they are looking for. Now, knowing what your business sells, you can have a good guess on how people would usually search for the similar products and services. Remember, people search with an intention. So it’s better to have your Google Ads written in a direct and intent-based manner. A short and precise content is highly linked to ads optimization and effectiveness!

#2: There are tools available to help make your Google Ads more effective (and most of them are free!)

To make your Google Ads content more relevant, you’ll have to understand how people conduct their research through the search engine. There are tools like NeilPatel (Ubersuggest), where you can study the keywords in terms of its search volume, cost per click (CPC), SEO difficulty, etc before deciding on using them. To better optimise your content, there are also tools performing the function in which you can select a specific country to study a more niche keyword research. A set of word suggestions would be provided as alternatives for your selected words, too.

#3: There are different sections in Google Ads serving different functions

For Google Ads, it is divided into 3 parts: (i) headline, (ii) display URL and (iii) description.

  • Headline is like the big title. People will usually notice your headline text first before anything else. This is why having a catchy and effective headline is important to garner more attention and win over the customers. To make them so, ponder more on what people would usually type when searching for a particular product or services.
  • Display URL is green in colour. It shows your web address and is designed to give people a clue on where they will be taken after clicking on the link itself —— also known as the ‘landing page’.
  • Description is important to highlight the benefits and details of your product and services. Also, adding a call-to-action at the end of your description helps to make your Google Ads more effective in getting the people buy from you. It could be “shop now!” or “contact us!” depending on what actions you’re expecting from your customers.

#4: The limitations on Google Ads

The limitation isn’t placed on the nature of the content or the types of the business. Rather, Google Ads limit the length of the ads itself. To be exact, it limits the characters placed in the different sections. However, with the latest update from Google; the length of the headline, URL path and description has been extended to 3, 2 and 3 columns respectively.

The latest length limits are as the followings:

Field Maximum Length
Headline 1 30  characters
Headline 2 30  characters
Headline 3 30  characters
Description  1 90 characters
Description 2 90 characters
URL Path 1 15 characters
URL Path 2 15 characters


#5: There are agencies and companies out there providing Google Ads Services

If you do not own a team of marketing specialists, that’s fine. Leave alone the trouble of hiring a whole new team and burdening the unnecessary costs like crazy. Right now, there are a lot of startups and companies offering such services —— where they will study your business and your target groups, hence help your business form the best Google Ads with the most relevant keywords backed up with extensive research and analysis. Saving the time, cost and trouble, hiring third parties who are specialised in Google Ads service may benefit more with their experience and expertise gained over the years