Social media marketing strategy is part of the company’s marketing, so it cannot be developed in a day or two. Sometimes it takes months. But you should work on social media marketing strategy during all its period. In addition, for each individual campaign, you need to create a new strategy that will fit the general one.

Any strategy determines the vector of progress and development, therefore it is based on goals and objectives. The strategy can be built in several steps.

Step 1: Define the social media marketing promotion strategy

To develop a strategy, answer the following questions:

  • What do you want to achieve with social media marketing?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What information does the consumer need to plan to buy your product?
  • What are social networks popular among your target audience?
  • At what time do representatives of your target audience actively use social networks?

Be sure to write down the answers to the questions.

Step 2: Choose the communication tactics

You need to determine who will publish notes and respond to comments, how you will communicate with clients and colleagues. Use the following guidelines:

  • Assign a person responsible for publishing content on social networks.
  • Select a specialist who will play the role of the main expert.
  • Select the visual brand elements that you will use in social media marketing campaigns.

Use the chosen tactics constantly to make the audience used to your style.

Step 3: Create content

This is the most important step in creating the social media marketing strategy since the content is the foundation for effective business promotion in social networks. The following tips will make your content campaign effective:

  • Announce your own content.
  • Combine different types of content.
  • Encourage users to create content.

To increase audience reach, ask your employees and friends to make reposts.

Step 4: Optimize your content

Even if you create very cool content, it will not be able to compete with cats, celebrities, and nudes unless you optimize it. Use the following guidelines:

  • Add a bright photo to each post on Facebook and other networks.
  • Write catchy headlines.
  • Make sure the content is readable.
  • Provide content visibility for search engines.
  • Use the subscription and sharing widgets on the site.
  • Use calls to action.

Make sure that the published content is understandable for the target audience.

Step 5: Think about the conversion of users of social networks

Likes,s and comments by themselves do not bring you transactions and profits. To convert social network users to clients, you need to take additional actions. Think about such measures:

  • Specify contact information in social network profiles.
  • Encourage users to leave contact information.
  • Direct users interested in the product to the site’s conversion landing page.
  • Direct all users to the information section of your site.

Find a way to continue interacting with a subscriber outside of Facebook or Google+.

Step 6: Communicate

Social networks are created for communication. To successfully promote the business, you need to communicate with potential customers and colleagues. Pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Actively engage subscribers.
  • Offer to subscribe to your page to existing and potential customers.
  • Participate in discussions in other groups.
  • Ask experts in your industry to rate your content.
  • Respond to comments, encourage users to continue the discussion.
  • Motivate an audience.

Try to revive the group or public at any price. The success of the social media marketing campaign depends on this.

Step 7: Measure progress results

Track the ROI of social media marketing campaigns. Use UTM-tags, follow the key metrics on the site. Remember the following recommendations:

  • Follow the metrics on social networks. Pay attention to the number of subscribers, the number of reposts, comments, and likes to posts. These indicators should grow.
  • Track traffic from social networks.
  • Keep track of business indicators: the number of transactions, the average check, income, and profit.

If the indicators do not suit you, look for a way to increase the effectiveness of social media marketing.

The social media marketing promotion strategy is part of an integrated Internet marketing. Plan it according to the features of website promotion, audience needs and ways to sell your product. Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy every six months. Based on the results of the assessment, you will be able to make corrections to it.