Just recently, to successfully enter the online market, an Internet entrepreneur had only to order a standard website, create a landing page using one of the online services, purchase a subscription base (at best, collect), give several advertising posts in social networks and to understand the basics of SEO-promotion. What is digital marketing and how does it help businesses?

This provided a sufficient level of profit and tranquility. But in the modern world, everything changes, almost in just a few months.
And now, Internet technologies for business are not enough, yesterday’s advertising is draining the budget, the interest of the leaders is rapidly dying out, one wrong decision — and your subscriber base is dead.

At the same time, there are a lot of new digital channels of communication with a wide range of opportunities for promotion. The business moves from traditional aggressive advertising campaigns to native ads and earned media, earning the right to dialogue with people, offering them a truly valuable product.

What is digital marketing?

Digital-marketing is:

  • an integrated approach to the promotion of the company, its products and services in the digital environment, which also includes offline consumers using games, mobile phones and other digital means of communication;
  • integration of a large number of different technologies (social, mobile, web, CRM-systems, etc.) with sales and customer service;
  • ensuring a constant high-quality two-way communication between the advertiser and the end user of the product or service;
  • the ability to combine technology and human resources, observing the right balance, based on the target audience needs and the properties of the offered product;
  • phenomenal dynamics of growth and achieving any marketing goals;
  • the opportunity to be relevant to the market, evaluate and analyze the promotion results, flexibly respond to the needs of the leads and adjust their product or service.

Digital-promotion is successfully used in online stores, online training, selling services and products with a long transaction cycle, in MLM and real estate agencies, to promote the brand of large companies and startups.

Briefly, to date, digital technology is a decisive factor for success and advancement in every field of business, giving undeniable competitive advantages.

7 reasons to use the digital promotion channels:

  • you work with a narrow or young (advanced) target audience — use contextual advertising and integration (banners, posts, partner projects) with popular portals;
  • it is necessary to talk more about the brand and the product or service so that people see value and can make a purchasing decision (especially regarding new products and services);
  • the users purchase your products on emotions (clothes, trainings, souvenirs) or after a test (perfumery, cosmetics, registration of an application for bank services, ordering a home repair specialist);
  • your budget is limited, and there is no way to get on TV, or your presentation takes a long time (when a new car is released, TV ads can be duplicated in mobile applications, social networks, in an interactive test drive directly on the company’s website, etc.);
  • your strategy includes cumulative discounts, bonuses, points, and you need to constantly engage in a dialogue with customers (supermarkets, online stores, etc.);
  • you strive to keep the buyer due to changes in prices or promotions;
  • loyalty to the brand is pumped through constant communication, deep involvement through gaming and getting feedback from the target audience.

In the context of digital marketing, personalization becomes especially important. In essence, it is a process of understanding the true intentions, desires and person’s needs, as well as the transfer of relevant, targeted and meaningful experience for this person.

What digital channels do you use to promote your product or service? What problems did you face in the process?