If you are trying to run your business online, the most important thing you should think about is to make more people know about your company. It is a very difficult task for every beginner. Are there any options to simplify your efforts? Yes, this is Google Ads service.

Working with it properly, you can effectively transform your business. However, there is a risk to spend lots of money and get no results. Of course, we are not going to frighten you with how much you can lose. We are going to review the basics of the service and its core privileges.

Back in the 1990s, the Google founders decided to monetize their search platform. It found out that the most efficient way is to provide the paid advertisement for company owners to promote their business faster. So, they run Google AdWords platform. In 2018, it was renamed into Google Ads. What does this platform stand for?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform. Unlike the competitors, this service from Google gives the advertises the ability to reach people in two ways:

  1. via the Google Search Network;
  2. via the Google Display Network.

And despite these platforms are a bit different and provide different approach and functionality, they use the same building system to display ads to a target audience. How do they differ?

Google Search Network displays ads to those users who actively search the selected keywords. for example, you set up “rent a house in New York”, and this system will display this ad when someone enters it in the search bar. The data is marked as “text ads”.

Google Display Network is a bit different. It displays the display and banner ads on the websites your target audience can theoretically be on. Mostly it’s less effective as people do not search the information actively. At the same time, it will help the visitors to understand what they exactly want if they do not know for sure.

Display ads are also very efficient in attracting customers back by retargeting. For example, they visited your website some time ago, and you want them to come back.

Should you try Google Ads?

Remember that only professionals will guarantee a good result. if you do not know how to use this platform effectively, you can waste a lot of time, efforts, and resources.