In content marketing and Social Media Marketing industry, the content plan is one of the most important components to be successful. At the same time, some business owners confuse it with a media plan or call it an editorial plan. Let’s see what is a content plan and why you should have it.

Let’s clarify the terminology

The editorial plan and the content plan are the same. But if you do not have an editorial office, but a business, it’s more competent to call the publication calendar a content plan. In addition, the editorial plan includes only texts, and the content plan also different types of publications.

The media plan is a bit different and very often the business owners confuse it because of the chain of social media — social networks — content plan — media plan. A media plan is a schedule of advertising campaigns and a bunch of other marketing events that has an indirect relationship to content.

What does the content plan look like?

So, as it is convenient for you. It can be a calendar program in which you contribute to events for a specific day — publications or a regular Excel table, in which you manually set dates and topics. The main thing is that you come up with the right amount of ideas for content and they are enough for a week or a month. Further all these ideas you put on cells and see how it looks. It is desirable that the publications harmonize among themselves, meet the needs of readers and your business.

Why is it really needed?

The content plan is not a complication of your life, it is its relief. And you will hate it exactly until you finish compiling. After that, it turns into your best friend.

It is impossible to imagine the promotion work in social networks or site management without planning. Only your blog, which is dedicated to some inspiring hobby, can be filled very quickly because you have a lot of ideas and a desire to describe them. All other projects, especially business ones, need to be conducted with a clear understanding of what you want to convey to customers in the near future and with a stock of ideas for some time to come.

Besides you do not have to suffer daily with the search for ideas for publication, the content plan will improve the quality of materials. When planning a complex article for a couple of weeks, you start working on interesting material in advance, and the publication time makes you finish the work on time.

Also, if a team works on publications, the plan helps to track which author is preparing certain material and when it is delivered.

By the way, do not forget that you must have a long-term content plan for six months or a year. It contains dates important for the company, events and all holidays, to which you must prepare materials in advance. Check with it once a month, so as not to miss anything important and supplement during the work.

What does the content plan include and how to monitor its execution?

If the publication is prepared quickly, then it is enough to simply distribute the topics by dates in the calendar. If you need time to prepare the material and you manage the team, the date of delivery and publication, the title, the type of material, the author and the degree of readiness are entered in the plan in order not to get confused (ready, on completion, on the layout, etc). In the case when the plan is drawn up for a long time ahead and the materials are prepared at different times, you need to check each week with the schedule and authors.

Here, in the plan, you can include a list of all the headings. Track which of these publications have already been published, and to what extent they do not already exist, this will help to combat the “skew” in publications.


If you have never used a content plan, it will take some time to find the form that suits you. Look at other people’s examples from the network, but with a probability of 90%, they seem terrible and inconvenient to you. Merry and happily remake it for yourself, discuss with the team and start filling it up right now!