Imagine that you go on a trip by ship. You gathered the team of the best sailors, prepared the ship, purchased the provisions, checked the condition of all the mechanisms and were ready to sail. Here is just one moment, you absolutely do not know where you are going and how long your journey will take. Can you swim to the destination without knowing it? We think not. Here in social media marketing you can have an excellent product, beautiful visual content, the best specialists, but if you do not know “in what direction to swim”, your “ship” is unlikely to reach the goal.

Social Media Marketing strategy will help you to systematically approach the promotion of your business in social networks, will provide an understanding of the promotion objectives and tools that will help them to achieve.

We think you will agree that the presence of your business in social networks is not an end. You expect Social Media Marketing to help increase sales, create a positive image of your company, increase the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones. That is, it will give a financial result. And the result is impossible without systematic planning. Social Media Marketing strategy is a long-term plan for your business development in social networks.

What does the Social Media Marketing strategy include?

Of course, for each business, the strategy will include various goals and methods for achieving them. However, it is possible to single out the universal components of any strategy.

  • Analysis of current activities — take an audit of existing communities in social networks.
  • Goals and KPI — in the future this will help determine the effectiveness of promotion in social networks.
  • Analysis of the market and competitors — look at what is happening in the market at the moment and pay attention to the existing trends, they will help you understand in which direction to develop. Pay special attention to the analysis of competitors, determine the leaders in the market and see what experience they could share. However, you should not copy their successful actions, you will not be the first.
  • Analysis of the target audience — the better you will know the motives and needs of your audience, the more effective Social Media Marketing promotion will be.
  • Content strategy — think over what content your target audience will attract, write down the headings and make a media plan. Your content is everything and even more.
  • Mechanics of activations — from how you make your audience active, will determine the success of the promotion. Do not limit imagination, sometimes the strangest ideas give the best result.
  • Targeted advertising — plan your budget, predict the result of the campaigns and then compare it with the received data. If the result of the advertising campaign was better than you planned, congratulations — it’s a success! And if not, then continue to test.

Of course, these are not all items of the Social Media Marketing strategy. Everything is much deeper. However, if you could describe these 7 points, then you are on the right track.